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Intern - Fulltime

Don't have an epic place to let loose your creative, user experience hunger and are you looking for a fourth year internship? We’re looking for a curious and user-centred designer to help evolve, design and strengthen our web solutions!

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This is
The Pack!

The Pack is a digital agency specialising in unique and immersive online experiences. We’re dedicated to creating web experiences that reflect your brand values and extend your real-world business presence into the virtual realm.

The Job

What you will be doing

At The Pack we have a diverse range of client’s for whom we create web based solutions. You’ll be responsible for the interface design, research, and the user experience of the end product. You feel comfortable contacting and getting feedback from the client’s, helping out with Co-Creations and have a great pitch for new projects. You will be working with Adobe XD to build prototypes and sometimes directly in Wordpress / Elementor Pro to build interfaces.

If you are passionate about design, are a nerd and love to work in a young team, we are happy to have you on board! We don’t set rules on how things should look, only if they are the right solution for the problem. We encourage our designers to think outside of the box and explore new grounds.

What we are looking for

You can sketch out wireframes with your eyes closed, and have a good feeling about the possibilities and limitations of the web. You can imagine yourself in the position of the user and let go of your own ego when designing. Can work with programs like Adobe XD and have some experience in designing for the web.


  • Are in your fourth year of CMD (or any other creative schooling)
  • Have experience with designing for the web and mobile
  • Able to work with either Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD
  • Think and dream in flow's and wireframes
  • Think's about more that the brief
  • Able to make clickable prototypes
  • Thinks in solutions
  • Has an HBO attitude
  • Able to work alone and is assertive
  • Nice to have: can work with Elementor Pro

Whats in it for you?

  • A great work environment
  • A great opportunity to develop yourself and grow to be a professional
  • Your own workstation
  • Awesome colleagues
  • Time to brainstorm with team members
  • Mario cart, SSX and Smash tourneys
  • Possibilities to work on your thesis
  • A chance to beat Mike at chess (please help us)
  • Free trips to Blast Galaxy

About work ethic


Sometimes it's better to work outside of the 9-5. We do what’s necessary to get the job done but keep the personal and professional in balance. We take the time we need for ourselves.


We work together and support one another. Collective goals come first, but there’s room for individual ambition and personal growth too.


We want to try new things, disrupt, be creative, and get there first with ideas, innovations, and suggestions — for clients and ourselves.


We're gamers to the core. Nerdy and competitive. Obsessed with reaching the next level.

Commited to good vibes

Life's too short to obsess over work 24/7. Take time to switch off and smell the coffee. We do.

Too small for politics

Our guiding principle: just do the right thing; the rest will sort itself.

Friday = Gameday

Game on

Check out our massive games library. Hope to see you on the racetrack or battlefield soon!

Playstation 1

Yu Gi Oh

Nintendo 64

Banjo and Kazooie

Board / Card games

Binding of Isaac
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